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Links to 'cello and music related sites

Internet Cello Society - the most comprehensive 'cello resource on the web.

Cello Heaven - a new site for the beginning cellist.

GMD Music Archive - German site with free sheet music for download. Huge and interesting collection, but the site layout is arcane and difficult to use. Worth a look.

BACH.Bogen curved bows - an company making innovative curved bows that allow all four strings to be played simultaneously. Interesting.

Oh, My Aching Back! - reader submitted article about musician's lower back pain and sitting positions. - online shop for classical music instrument, strings and accesories.

Welcome to the Vancouver 'Cello Club's homepage!

June 14, '00: We have added a new cello site, Cello Heaven, to our Links page. Cello Heaven is a great resource for the beginning 'cellist, and it's worth checking out.

May 29, '00: The January newsletter is now online in the Newsletter Archive section.

January 8, '00: The contents of our fall newsletter (October 1999) are now online in the Newsletter Archive section.

August 29, '99: The Vancouver 'Cello Club Online finally has its own domain name -! It certainly has a better ring to it than our old address (

Coming soon: an extensive directory of 'cellists (both performers and teachers) and string instrument services in Greater Vancouver and Victoria. If you'd like to make sure you're not overlooked, send a quick message to

July 28, '99: The latest addition to our online Sheet Music Archive, a transcription for solo 'cello of Bach's Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin (BWV 1001-1006), is now ready for downloading. Show your violinist colleagues how this music really ought to be played! :)

July 27, '99: We are pleased to announce our new Sheet Music Archive! So far, we have the complete Bach Unaccompanied 'Cello Suites ready for download, as well as an arrangement of The Art of The Fugue for string quartet. Coming soon is a transcription of Bach's Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin (BWV 1001-1006), arranged for solo 'cello. We believe we are the first website ever to offer these scores (or any downloadable sheet music for the 'cello) in an easy to use, publisher quality format. Printouts are entirely legal and can even be used in competitons. Come have a look!

Also, we would like to apologize for the slow loading times of our Club pages over the last week. We hope to fix this problem soon.

June 30, '99: The Bellingham Festival, which takes place from July 30 to August 15 in Bellingham, Washington (just over the border from Vancouver), will feature 'cellist Janos Starker as soloist in three concerts at Western Washington University (July 30, 31, and Aug. 1). He will be performing the Boccherini 'Cello Concerto in B-flat major, the Vivaldi Double Concerto in g minor with 'cellist Thomas Heinrich, Haydn's D major 'cello concerto, and the Bach Unaccompanied Suites #1 and 2. The full programme of the festival can be viewed here. Tickets went on sale some weeks ago, so if you are interested, you are advised to contact the festival office quickly!